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Asking ChatGPT if there are any dangers to using eyeglass straps

I've been spending more and more time with ChatGPT because I enjoy picking its AI brain about various topics related to eyewear slipping. In particular I wanted to know what it thinks about eyeglass straps. And by eyeglass straps I am also referring to eyeglass cords and eyeglass ropes which are similar in nature.

Q: are there any dangers to using eyeglass straps?

A (from ChatGPT):

Eyeglass straps, also known as eyeglass retainers or eyewear cords, can be quite handy for keeping your glasses secure, especially during activities like sports or outdoor adventures. However, like any accessory, there are potential risks associated with their use:

Strangulation Hazard: If the strap is too long or if it's worn improperly, there's a risk of it getting caught on objects and potentially causing strangulation, especially for young children. It's essential to ensure that the strap fits snugly without excessive dangling.

Interference with Vision: Some straps may interfere with your peripheral vision or cause discomfort if they're too tight or positioned incorrectly. This could potentially lead to accidents, especially in situations where quick reactions are necessary.

Skin Irritation: If the material of the strap is irritating to your skin or if it traps moisture, it could lead to skin irritation or even minor infections with prolonged use.

Damage to Glasses: Poorly made or overly tight straps might put pressure on the frames, leading to distortion or damage over time.

To mitigate these risks, it's crucial to choose high-quality straps that are specifically designed for eyewear and to use them properly according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Regularly inspecting the strap for any signs of wear and tear and replacing it when necessary can also help prevent accidents. Additionally, ensuring that the strap is adjusted comfortably and securely can reduce the likelihood of it causing any issues.

...while less than thorough I am happy that it did talk about strangulation hazard which is our own biggest concern with eyeglass straps. Furthermore it suggested that to lessen the danger "it's essential to ensure that the strap fits snugly without excessive dangling." I take issue with such advice though because any length of strap poses the risk of being caught either on something which moves past you or by something which you move past...which makes Keepons soft hook design, the safest choice in the fight against slipping eyeglasses.

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