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How to stop slipping eyeglass according to ChatGPT

After answering my 40th email this afternoon, I got bored and asked ChatGPT the following question:

How do you stop your eyeglasses from slipping?

There are several methods you can try to prevent your eyeglasses from slipping:

Adjust the nose pads: If your glasses have nose pads, try adjusting them to fit more snugly on your nose. Sometimes a slight tweak can make a big difference in how securely your glasses sit.

Tighten the temples: The temples (the arms of the glasses that rest on your ears) might be too loose. Most eyewear stores can adjust the temples for you to ensure a better fit.

Use temple tips: Temple tips are small silicone or rubber sleeves that you can slide onto the ends of the temples. These can provide extra grip behind your ears, preventing the glasses from sliding down.

Consider anti-slip nose pads: Some glasses come with anti-slip nose pads made of silicone or other materials designed to provide extra grip. You can also purchase these separately and add them to your glasses.

Use an eyeglass retainer: An eyeglass retainer, also known as a glasses strap or eyewear cord, attaches to the temples of your glasses and goes around the back of your head. This can help keep your glasses in place, especially during physical activities.

Clean your glasses: Sometimes, oils and residues from your skin can accumulate on your glasses, making them more slippery. Regularly clean your glasses with a mild soap and water to remove these residues.

Try out these methods to see which works best for you in keeping your glasses from slipping.

Based on its response, I'm confident that we as a society are in no danger of being ruled by AI overlords anytime soon. While the article did mention temple tips which is what Keepons are, it only mentioned the sleeve type (which we sell) but not the hook type (which we also sell and feel is the most effective means to stop eyewear slipping). Also it did mention eyeglass retainers which Keepons are, but it only gave examples such as straps and cords which we also sell but feel aren't as safe* as eyeglass retainer soft hooks like our Keepons Superstretch series or our Ultimate series.

So Elon and company, stop scaring the rest of us. The best that AI can do at present is barf up what it reads online and even then it hasn't read everything it needs to be to have an informed opinion. Next time I ask Copilot the same question...

*Unsafe in terms of getting caught in machinery moving parts and/or get snagged on things that you pass by or pass you by.

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