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How to stop slipping eyeglass according to Copilot

As promised I asked Copilot the same question I recently asked ChatGPT.


How do you stop your eyeglasses from slipping?

Certainly! Here are some tips to prevent your eyeglasses from slipping:

Choose the Right Size Frames:

When selecting new glasses, ensure they are the right size for you. If you’re unsure about the measurements, ask your optician for assistance.

Frames that are too big or too heavy can contribute to slipping.

Tighten Hardware:

Regularly check and tighten any loose screws using a small screwdriver or a glasses repair kit.

Ensure the hardware on your glasses (hinges, screws) is securely fastened.

Adjust Nose Pads:

Nose pads play a crucial role in preventing slippage. Adjust them to fit your nose comfortably.

If they’re worn out, consider replacing them.

Wear Grips (Temple Tips):

Temple tips (the earpieces of the frames) can have grips to keep them in place.

These grips prevent slipping by providing friction behind your ears.

Flexible Arms:

Opt for frames with flexible arms. You can customize them to your measurements, ensuring a snug fit.

Eyeglass Bands:

Consider using an eyeglass band that wraps around the back of your head. This option is great for both sports and regular wear.

Quick Fix:

Wrap rubber bands or hair ties around the ends of the temples (earpieces) to hold them snugly behind your ears.

Alternatively, use glasses wax. Apply a small amount to the bridge of your frames to prevent sliding.

Remember, keeping your glasses clean and protected in a hard case when not in use also helps maintain their fit and prevent slipping1. Try these methods, and you’ll enjoy a more secure and comfortable eyewear experience!

Well, the answers are pretty generic just like Chatgpt. Though Copilot did add a bit more info. I'd the part about a quick fix however as I said before this isn't the hard scifi type AI we read about in books like Hyperion by Dan Simmons or even Neuromancer by William Gibson. And I'm disappointed but not suprised, there's no mention of Keepons.

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy though, at least in niche knowledge about preventing eyeglass slipping I'm smarter than the two biggest AI entities on the market today. At least I know the best way to stop eyewear from slipping down your nose is to get Keepons.

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