More information about the Keepons Ultimate series

Posted by Cayce Pang on

One pair of Keepons Ultimate black shown above. Each piece comes in 2 parts. There's the main chassis with sizing tine. And then there's the detachable sizing band. The sizing band threads over the sizing tine so you can adjust the size of the sizing tine hole depending on how small or big your eyeglass temples are. 


If you're finding it difficult to thread the sizing band over the sizing tine, we've included nylon wire for this purpose.

Nylon wire shown above right.

Above, insert one end of nylon wire through sizing tine hole...

...until you reach the midpoint of the wire.

Above, insert both ends of the wire into the hole of the sizing band.

Above, nudge sizing band along the wire towards the tip of the tine.

Above, with one hand on the sizing band, the other on the two ends of the wire, pull the sizing band onto the sizing tine.

Above, continue to pull the sizing band onto the sizing tine, then remove the wire. Now you're free to insert your glasses in the hole space between the sizing band and the tip of the sizing tine. Do not insert your glasses in the hole space between the tine source and the sizing band, otherwise over time your sizing band will gradually slide off and you'll lose it. Replacements for the sizing band or the main chassis are available if this happens, the price is 10 USD for each part. Email us if you need replacements.