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Buying Without Fitting

Keepons are not one size fits all and a fitting is required to ensure you select a style of Keepons that will fit your glasses. Without a proper fitting, there's a good chance that the Keepons you buy won't fit your glasses.

However if you're in a rush, and prefer not to do a fitting, the following two options may work.

Keepons Ultimate

The Keepons Ultimate style available in black, brown, or white is our most versatile option because it has a fully-stretched threading hole diameter of 15mm (0.590 inches) and an unstretched threading hole diameter of 1mm (0.039 inches). If you're familiar with How Keepons Work, these diameter values are quite remarkable since it means that the Keepons Ultimate style can stretch past the widest Temple Tips and also tightly grip the narrowest Temple Bends.

Keepons All Size Pack

The Keepons All Size Pack contains 8 pairs of Keepons in 4 size options (small, medium, large, and extra-large) and 2 colors options (black and white). Which means there's a good chance at least one style will fit your glasses.