How to Choose the Right Keepons

A) Simply buy our Keepons Ultimate

It used to be that Keepons were not one size fits all. You can read about why that was here. But as of November, 2017, with the launch of our third generation Keepons Ultimate prevent eyeglass slipping retainer, there's now one style of Keepons that is indeed one size fits all. That's because the Keepons Ultimate features a vari-aperture system which allows you to control the hole size from 1mm to 15mm (0.0394"-0.5906"). The only downside is that since they're so new, it's still costly for us to make, and therefore more expensive (compared to our products) for you to buy.

B) Consult our Keepons Fitting Guide

Our Keepons Fitting Guide shows you how to measure your eyeglass temple tip width and temple bend width. Then you're shown a chart of all the Keepons styles that are compatible with your measurements, thereby ensuring you buy Keepons that fit your glasses.

C) Buy our Keepons Performance Pack

The Keepons Performance Pack. Six different styles, each style fits a limited range of eyeglass sizes. Together, they cover the spectrum to ensure you'll own a style that will most likely your glasses. Other benefits include the ability to try on different styles for comfort and performance assessment.