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Keepons Choosing Guide



-This document replaces the now deprecated Keepons Fitting Guide (note 1).

-While it's not crucial to read the notes (note 2) at the bottom of this page, they are useful to instill an understanding of how Keepons work and how important it is to find the right Keepons and how difficult that was up till now.


Keepons WILL stop your glasses from slipping. You have our guarantee (note 3) on that. That's the first of our two company guarantees (note 4).

However Keepons is not one size fits all (note 5). And with over 40 unique styles to choose from (note 6), it used to be that choosing the correct Keepons was inefficient at best (note 7).

That's why we created our EasyChoose Packs in Black or White (note 8). It not only takes the work out of finding the right fit, it takes the guess work out of ensuring the Keepons you buy are comfortable (note 9)


In order of effectiveness, if your eyeglasses are slipping we recommend:

1) Buy either the Keepons EasyChoose Pack (Black) or the Keepons EasyChoose (White)
2) Buy either the Keepons Variance Pro Black or the Keepons Variance Gray (note 10)
3) Read our Keepons Fitting Guide and follow its recommendations (76.7% success rate in finding the right fitting Keepons, no assurances for comfort)

Thank you for considering Keepons and please feel free to contact us if you need manual assistance in choosing the correct Keepons for your particular eyeglass profile.

Helene Lam, Keepons


Note 1 - Years ago we created the Keepons Fitting Guide to help customers find the right fitting Keepons for their particular eyeglass profile. We say "particular eyeglass profile" because eyeglasses come in all shapes and sizes and materials. And these differences make choosing the right Keepons difficult. But there are other differences such as the angle acuteness of your temple bend, the length of your temple, the distance from your temple bend to your nose bridge, the presence or absence of nose pads, the shape of your ears...but perhaps the two most important determinants of which Keepons to buy is the relationship between your temple bend diameter and your temple tip diameter. Reason being, for Keepons to work they must thread over your temple tips (usually the widest part of your eyeglass temple) and situate itself in the general proximity of your temple bend (usually the narrowest part of your eyeglass temple) so it can gently hook around your ears and stop the forward movement of your eyeglasses, also known as eyeglass slipping. So basically the right Keepons has to be LOOSE enough to stretch over the wide part of your temple and then contract TIGHT enough to fit snugly at your temple bend. Both loose and tight? Like both big and small, or rich and poor. In life and in Physics, it's one or the other, not both. Perhaps you're starting to see how difficult our job is. And for eyeglass profiles where the temple tip is REALLY wide and the temple bend is REALLY narrow, the job of finding the right Keepons becomes almost impossible. But the thing that really caused us to abandon the Keepons Fitting Guide and come up with a new solution is that we polled 1,000 of our customers and basically only 767 of them said that the Keepons Fitting Guide was useful to them. 233 customers told us that the Keepons they ordered did not fit even though they used the guide. Some of these responses might have been the result of improper measuring or taking fit to mean comfort, but the bottom is that we want to decrease customer satisfaction levels (for obvious reasons).

Note 2 - We get it, time is money and you don't have time to read a bunch of silly notes. But here's the thing. If you haphazardly choose a pair of Keepons, you'll wait a couple of weeks for them to arrive, they'll arrive, won't fit, you'll be stressed, you'll contact us, we'll send replacements, another couple of weeks go by...well, why not just take the 5 minutes to read the notes?

Note 3 - If you're not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, simply email us with your order # and we'll refund your money. No need to explain why and no need to send them back to us since the cost of shipping them back would cost you more than the price paid for the Keepons. All we ask is that you take a short video using your smartphone of you physically cutting with scissors the Keepons into really tiny pieces. In effect destroying them. We're sorry about asking for this last step, it's to prevent abuse of our guarantee policy. It used to be that we simply refunded but experience has shown that many people were happy with their Keepons, but said they weren't, in order to get their money back and effectively score a free pair of Keepons.

Note 4 - The second guarantee is our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a genuine seller (doesn't look their website was just set up for the purposes of gaming our system) of Keepons style retainers in the marketplace, we'll beat their price by 5%. As the largest manufacturer of eyeglass retainers in the world, we have a vested interest in offering this guarantee. First, knowledge is power. We want to know everyone everywhere who's selling knock-offs of our products. Second, by undercutting their prices and forcing them out of business, we ensure Keepons product quality globally. One caveat though. The Lowest Price Guarantee is for the price of the product itself and not the shipping option. Many sellers use the cheapest shipping possible which takes a long time to arrive and packages often get lost leading to wasted time and money for everyone involved. For shipping, we use the globally recognized epacket system that comes with a tracking number. The prices for epacket shipping from China are officially published.

Note 5 - How could Keepons possibly be one size fits all? Given all the possible particular eyeglass profiles in existence as referred to in Note 1 above, it would be like trying to create a TV show that everyone in the world would love. OK fine, except for Game of Thrones.

Note 6 - This might be our longest note yet. Why do we even have 40 styles? Why not just carry one style, in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and possibly 2 colors (black and white) for a total of 6 variations? Good question. But business just like life is often messy and that's how Keepons the company evolved. In the beginning we only had one style, the Original Clear (hence the name "original"). It had a small hole (around 3mm diameter), it wasn't very stretchy (the current original clear is stretchy but I'm talking about the first version of the original clear), but since there was no other product of its kind on the market back then, it sold really well. But many people with thick frames complained because the original clear was simply too small for their glasses. So we spent months in the lab and created our second style called EZ-STRETCH BLACK which was made of much stretchier material which allowed it to thread over thick frames with ease. But that turned out to be a miserable failure since it ripped really easily. Since then there have been massive advances in materials but we're talking about 10 years ago. Since it ripped so easily, we stopped making the EZ-STRETCH BLACK and gave everyone their money back. Not a happy time, but there's happiness in doing the right thing. Around the same time, we got calls from wholesalers who wanted us to make a cheaper style for reselling. Less material, cheaper material than the original clear (which was a plastic silicone blend). So we made the Lite Clear which is almost pure plastic. Much cheaper. It was and is still a success. We were still working on a stretchy retainer for thick frames to replace the failed EZ-STRETCH BLACK when several large commissions came to us for a black version of the original clear and a request to make a retainer with a longer hook for people whose glasses REALLY slip. So we launched the first generation Original Black and the Superior Clear. Months later came our biggest breakthrough, a real gamechanger. With the falling silicone prices and better mould technology and more expertise on our part, we introduced the Superstretch Black to the world. It threaded easily and wouldn't rip no matter what. A real gamechanger. And the market demanded we launch a white version of Superstretch Black which would be known as Superstretch White. Around this time, Original Clear sales started dropping and in talks with distributors the feedback was the same. It wasn't very versatile. Yes it has a small hole that was great for people with really thin frames, but even still, it was hard to install since the material was so rigid. That was an easy fix for us. We upped the silicone content (thereby upping the cost) and the result was that it would thread on temples with temple bend/temple tip ranges between 3-6mm. This became the second generation (the current one) Original Clear and we did the same with Original Black. But the thing with progress is that soon the market makes more and more demands. Up to then, Keepons weren't amazingly comfortable. So we played around with different materials and blend ratios. And re-designed with different hook angles and such. Each improvement coincided with a different style...and long story short, that's why we have about 40 styles now. Of course it's nice to think that if we could do it again, we'd only have one style with three sizes and 2 colors for a total of 6 variations. But such simplicity is only an illusion. Think about shoes. What if all the world's shoes were replaced with six variations? Black small, black medium, black large, white small, white medium, white large? Think about fit and comfort and style? What about if you have no arches? What if you have really wide feet? What about breathability? What if you don't want such a heavy shoe? What about if price is an issue? Yeah, that's why we have more than 40 different styles. Basically when you look over the 40 styles, you're seeing the progression and evolution of eyeglass retainers in the context of matured tastes, increasing comfort, advanced materials, evolved engineering, manufacturing expertise, etc.

Note 7 - In the first few years we simply categorized our products as appropriate for small to medium, and medium to large eyeglass frames. Then later on we developed the Keepons Fitting Guide and the guide went through several updates and revisions. But still, customers complained of fit and comfort issues. Fast forward to the present (April 13, 2017) with the release of this current document our Keepons Choosing Guide, years of work in the making, our best strategy yet to help you choose the right Keepons to stop your eyeglasses from slipping.

Note 8 - Each pack contains 14 pairs of Keepons. 2 pairs each from our core styles, where mathematically we tried to figure out which essential styles when combined in a bundle would cover the most diverse eyeglass style fitting and comfort needs.

Note 9 - Like shoes you can never know if you'll find them comfortable until you try them on, walk around them for a couple of days. So it is with Keepons, no guide can be the be all and end all discussion on fit and comfort. That's why we created the Keepons EasyChoose Packs, a variety of different styles for you try and experiment with, all at an affordable price.

Note 10 - The Keepons Variance Pro and Keepons Variance Gray are our most versatile Keepons styles because they can easily stretch over really wide temple tips and then fit tightly around the narrowest temple bend largely as a result of the innovative spacer insert each employs.