Measuring Walk-through

Here, we're going to measure the sample eyeglasses for its Temple Tip Width and Temple Bend Width and find our compatible Keepons styles.

The sample eyeglasses in the photo above, are Ray-Ban Wayfarer type glasses with a really wide temple tip and much narrower temple bend.

From the photo above, the Temple Tip Width is about 12mm. Notice that I could have chosen many other angled lines to measure. I chose this one because it seemed to me the most natural path by which to thread a Keepons opening over. When in doubt choose a line perpendicular to the sides of your temples.

The narrowest part of my Temple Bend is about 5mm, I'll take that to be my Temple Bend Width. In practice, you may not wear your Keepons are exactly the narrowest part of your temple bend. But by choosing to focus on the narrowest part, this ensures that wherever along the Temple Bend you wear your Keepons, they'll sit snugly.

So now I know that my Temple Tip Width is 12mm and my Temple Bend Width is 5mm. So I look at the Metric System Keepons Compatibility Chart and here are my choices:

Because my Temple Tip Width is much wider than my Temple Bend Width, the only Keepons that will fit are the Ultimate series in black, brown, or white color.

And that's how you use the Keepons Fitting Guide.