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Welcome to Keepons, stopping your eyeglasses from slipping is just a few clicks away.

Though first of all, it's important to know, Keepons are NOT one size fits all.

That is to say, no single Keepons style (we have over 40 different styles) will work with all eyeglasses (there are tens of thousands of the styles in all shapes and sizes on the market today).

If you're in a rush, our Keepons Ultimate style will most likely fit, but at the end of the day, we recommend all customers read our Keepons Fitting Guide.

The guide is necessary because choosing the correct Keepons style involves knowing the Temple Tip Width as well as Temple Bend Width of your own eyeglasses by measuring with a ruler.

The photo below demonstrates what we mean when we talk about Temple Tip Width (TTW) and Temple Bend Width (TBW).

These two measurements are important because for Keepons to work, they must be threaded past your Temple Tip (usually the widest part of your eyeglass temples) and then sit snugly at or around the area of your Temple Bend (usually the narrowest part of your eyeglass temples) where they will gently hook around your ears to stop the forward motion of your glasses which is eyeglass slipping.

If the opening of the Keepons you buy isn't able to stretch widely enough, you won't be able to get them past your Temple Tip and onto your glasses.

And assuming that you do find a Keepons style with an opening that will stretch widely enough, if the size of the opening when it is unstretched is wider than your Temple Bend then there won't be a tight fit. There must be a tight fit, because Keepons must sit snugly and not move about on your temples for them to do their job.

Our Keepons Fitting Guide takes you through the process of measuring your eyeglass Temple Tip Width and Temple Bend Width to ensure that you are recommended a Keepons style with an opening that will stretch wide enough past your Temple Tip and unstretch tightly enough at your Temple Bend.

Then the Keepons Fitting Guide will present you with various styles that will work with your glasses. After you choose one, it's time to check out.

Just a note here. We use PayPal, as our payment processor. You don't have to have a PayPal account to check out. Those with PayPal accounts can use their accounts to pay with their PayPal balances. Otherwise, simply use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and you'll be temporarily transferred to the PayPal site where the cost of the Keepons will be processed to your card, after which you'll be brought back. While you're with PayPal, they'll ask you if you want to open a PayPal account. You're under no obligation to do so, though a PayPal account is quite convenient for internet buying. At no point are we privy to your credit card info.

Once we receive your payment (almost instantly), you'll receive a single email from us which serves as your order confirmation and shipping confirmation in one. Within a week, when your logistics provider forwards your shipment tracking number to us, we'll forward it to you with a second email.

Shipping takes up to 4 weeks because we're in China. Even if you're ordering from an Asian country, times can be up to 4 weeks despite our proximity. That's because the low fees we charge for shipping takes advantage of airmail with tracking. Postal agencies unlike private enterprises are in no rush to deliver, and there's also the random customs check in the process.

All in all, we're honored and feel very fortunate to have you visit and consider us for your business.

If there's anything I can do, please contact me directly at, subject: Helene. My name is Helene Lam, and I'm the owner of Keepons.

Cheers, H