Keepons Nosepad Nose Pad Series Comfort Enhancing Prevent Eyeglass Slipping

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  • Easy to apply and lasts a long time
  • For all eyeglass frame types: plastic, metal, wood, etc. For adults or kids glasses
  • Makes wearing eyeglasses comfortable, relief from nose bridge, ear pain, headaches
  • Prevents eyeglasses from slipping: Keepons also makes eyewear retainer ear hooks
Adhesive nosepads to stick to your existing eyeglass nose pads for increased comfort (freedom from nose bridge pain, ear pain, headaches, etc.) and prevent eyeglass slipping (especially if you have a low nose bridge). Features surgical-grade silicone on the surface and super sticky 3M adhesive backing. Instructions: clean and wipe dry your eyeglass nose pads and then peel and stick Keepons nosepads onto them. For many plastic eyeglass styles where the nose pads are one with the frames, you'll be able to fold over this product so it sticks to both sides of your nose pads. For many metal frames where the nose pads are attached to the frames with pad arms, you can easily cut the Keepons nosepads with scissors and stick them on the front of your nose pads. NOTE: Keepons nosepads are designed for long term use ie months, but individual eyeglass nose pad surface designs, perspiration tendencies, climate, extended water contact ie showering or swimming may shorten sticking lifespan of product. In which case, either replace as needed or manually re-apply 3rd party adhesives to the backing area. Keepons makes several nosepad thicknesses (1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 2.8mm) in black or clear color. EYEGLASS SLIPPING? If you're looking for stronger eyeglass slipping prevention please consider our hooked style eyewear retainers.

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