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Pushing Up Glasses, A Major Anime Trope

Any anime lovers out there? I know I sure am. Been watching anime for decades now. Some of my all-time faves include Ghost in The Shell, Ore Monogatari, Girls und Panzer and more recently Apothecary Diaries, Frieren, Solo Leveling.

And what's particularly relevant considering my line of work is how big a trope pushing up glasses is. Google "anime pushing up glasses" and you'll see it's actually a thing. Countless images of it and Reddit discussions about it. 

Below I've posted some slipping glasses gifs for your viewing pleasure.

Some have even gone to the trouble of making videos showcasing famous scenes of anime characters pushing up their glasses. I particularly liked this one:

The main characteristics of the push up glasses trope are:

  • Both guy and girl anime characters push up their glasses.
  • Characters push up their glasses at the bridge or at the side.
  • They push up using one finger, sometimes two fingers.
  • Usually the eyeglasses are transparent before being pushed up. Opaque and reflective when up.

Pushing glasses up basically means "it's time to get serious" and when pushed up by Protagonists it usually means time to butt kick some villains and when pushed up by Antagonists it usually means time to rule the world.

In light of the above, it seems that if we introduced Keepons into all the various anime universes, the power dynamic would be greatly changed.

That is to say if good main characters (MC) didn't have to push up their glasses, that they actually stayed in place, they could maintain their overpoweredness (OP) all the time. How cool would that be? Although one possible drawback would be that they'd have to have inexhaustible mana levels. Hmm.

But here's the kicker.

I believe if anime villains didn't have to push up their sliding glasses they'd actually be much happier with their lives and would change their ways.

Yes. I. Am. Suggesting Keepons could bring about world peace.

Just a thought, anyway back to work. Watching more Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku. In between serious Keepons work of course. ;)

Yours Shige,
Owner, Keepons

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