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Welcome to the official Keepons online store.

Here we sell tiny silicone aids which you stretch onto your eyeglasses to prevent them from slipping.

All models come in only one size.

We have over a dozen inexpensive models in our Complete Collection, which are generally split into 2 categories.

1) Keepons eyewear retainers, for small to medium glasses.

2) Keepons eyewear retainers, for medium to large glasses.

3) We also carry an All Size Pack and a Sampler Pack both of which contain different sized models in it, so you're bound to find a model that fits.

4) Next we'd like to introduce our premium Ultimate model in Black, Brown, or White, which is our one size fits all model. It fits very small to very large eyeglasses.

5) If you want to be sure whichever Keepons you buy will fit your glasses, we recommend consulting our Keepons Fitting Guide. It takes about 5 minutes and guides you through the process of measuring your eyeglasses to see which Keepons are most compatible with your measurements.

Finally, here's a Product Comparison Chart since we have a lot of models.

All prices are in US dollars.

We accept PayPal, as well as Visa / Mastercard. Though whichever method you choose, everything goes through PayPal anyway, since they're also our credit card processing company.

We ship from China and charge 5 USD per order to ship anywhere in the world. Shipments come with tracking numbers so you can be sure your order is on its way.

If you've got any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact us at info@keepons.net. We're eyeglass geeks and love talking shop.

If you want to order bulk quantities (100+ pairs) please contact us for a discount.

Finally, thank you for your interest in Keepons and have a great day!


The Keepons Team