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Keepons Fitting Guide

Keepons were designed to stop your glasses from slipping down your nose. They do this by attaching to your glasses through a threading hole on one end and gently hooking over your ears on the other end.

As a result, your glasses are held securely in place.

Before placing your order however, it helps to spend a few minutes understanding how to choose the correct Keepons for your particular eyeglass style.

The Basics: Sit Point & Wide Point

To start, we must figure out exactly where along your eyeglass temples (also known as the arms of your glasses) the Keepons will sit. There's no standard spot. The location is different for everyone since eyeglasses come in so many distinctive shapes and proportions.

First, locate the spot along your temples where the temple itself is supported by your ears. We call this spot the SIT POINT because it's roughly where the Keepons will sit in place from now on so it can gently hook over your ears and stop your glasses from moving forward (slipping). Next you have to consider the width of your temple tips at its widest part because whichever Keepons you choose has to stretch over this WIDE POINT to get to its destination at the SIT POINT.

With the required background knowledge out of the way, we're now ready.

Four methods to choose which Keepons to purchase based on the time and work you're willing to put in:

1. Quick and Virtually Guaranteed to Work

a. Simply choose Keepons Ultimate in black, white, or brown color. The Keepons Ultimate style was designed to fit virtually all eyeglass shapes and proportions. But because of its comparatively higher cost (at least compared to our other styles), it might be more than you're willing to spend...

2. Quick but Less Accurate

a. Aside from Keepons Ultimate, all our other styles basically fall into two categories.

i. Those that fit thin eyeglass temples like metal frames with a narrow SIT POINT and narrow WIDE POINT like the style below from Oliver Peoples. Keepons styles compatible with such frames include: Aerostretch, Circle, Comfort, Lite, Ministretch, Original, Superior, Zen Clear and Superior Clear.

ii. Those that fit thick eyeglass temples like chunky plastic or acrylic frames with a wide SIT POINT and a wide WIDE POINT like the style below from Ray-Ban. Keepons styles compatible with such frames include: Primestretch and Superstretch

Difficulties arise though if you have glasses with a narrow SIT POINT and a wide WIDE POINT. Like Ray-Ban Aviators:

In such cases, please see method 1a. above (Keepons Ultimate).

b. Purchase our Keepons Variety Pack which as its name implies contains our most popular Keepons styles: some for narrow SIT POINTS and narrow WIDE POINTS as well as some for wide SIT POINTS and wide WIDE POINTS.

3. Less Quick (~5 minutes) but the Best and Most Accurate Way (DIY method)

a. This method involves taking a ruler and actually measuring the width of your eyeglass temple at both the SIT POINT and WIDE POINT.

i. This is necessary because to precisely know which Keepons to purchase, you first have to consider the diameter of the Keepons threading hole when it is unstretched. Different Keepons have different unstretched hole diameters. Whichever Keepons style you select, its unstretched threading hole diameter must be smaller than the width at your eyeglass SIT POINT. Otherwise the Keepons won't sit tightly, will flop around loosely, and thus fail to do its job of securing your glasses.

ii. Also you have to consider the diameter of the Keepons threading hole when it is stretched to its maximum. Different Keepons have different stretched max hole diameters. Whichever Keepons style you select, its stretched max hole diameter must be bigger than your temple tip width at the WIDE POINT. Otherwise you won't be able to stretch the Keepons onto your glasses.

As suggested in the photo above, grab yourself a ruler and measure the width of your SIT POINT as indicated by the first purple arrow. Then measure the width of your WIDE POINT as indicated by the second purple arrow. Then consult the following chart to see which Keepons are fit-compatible with your glasses.

Keepons Lookup Chart

Only choose styles where BOTH your SIT POINT measurement is bigger than its Unstretched Hole Diameter AND your WIDE POINT measurement is smaller than its Stretched Max Hole Diameter. Otherwise the Keepons you select won't fit your glasses.
Unstretched Hole Diameter: mm (inch) Stretched Max Hole Diameter: mm (inch) Keepons Style Name
1 (0.039) 15 (0.591) Ultimate (Black, White, Brown)
2 (0.079) 6 (0.236) Comfort (Black, White)
3 (0.118) 6 (0.236) Original (Black, Clear)
3 (0.118) 6 (0.236) Variance Gray
3 (0.118) 7 (0.276) Ministretch (Black, White)
3 (0.118) 7 (0.276) Aerostretch (Black, White)
3 (0.118) 8 (0.315) Variance Pro Black
4 (0.157) 6 (0.236) Lite (Black, White)
4 (0.157) 6 (0.236) Superior Clear
4 (0.157) 7 (0.276) Circle (Black, White)
4 (0.157) 7 (0.276) Zen Clear
4 (0.157) 8 (0.315) Superior (Black, White)
6 (0.236) 11 (0.433) Superstretch (Black, White)
6 (0.236) 11 (0.433) Primestretch (Black, White)

4. Less Quick (~5 minutes) but the Best and Most Accurate Way (Email method)

a. Fold some paper money (use whichever currency is legal tender in your country, it doesn't have to be Korean Won as shown here) in half and hang it over one your temples like in the example photo below. By including a reference object of known width in your photo it makes it easy to approximate the widths of other objects (for example: the SIT POINT width and the WIDE POINT width) present.

The above photo was taken holding the glasses in one hand and an iPhone in the other. Try to take the pic so that the SIT POINT and WIDE POINT are perpendicular with the camera lens and not at an angle otherwise the approximations will be erroneous. Then email us (info@keepons.net) your photo as an attachment. In the body of the email include the width measurement for the paper bill you used (as indicated by the purple line in our example photo above). Once we receive your email we can figure out the rest and within 24 hours give you a reply about which Keepons styles are most likely to work with your glasses.