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Asking ChatGPT if there are any dangers to using eyeglass straps

I've been spending more and more time with ChatGPT because I enjoy picking its AI brain about various topics related to eyewear slipping. In particular I wanted to know what it thinks about eyeglass straps. And by eyeglass straps I am also referring to eyeglass cords and eyeglass ropes which are similar in nature. Q: are there any dangers to using eyeglass straps? A (from ChatGPT): Eyeglass straps, also known as eyeglass retainers or eyewear cords, can be quite handy for keeping your glasses secure, especially during activities like sports or outdoor adventures. However, like any accessory, there are potential...

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How to stop slipping eyeglass according to Copilot

As promised I asked Copilot the same question I recently asked ChatGPT. Namely: How do you stop your eyeglasses from slipping? Certainly! Here are some tips to prevent your eyeglasses from slipping: Choose the Right Size Frames: When selecting new glasses, ensure they are the right size for you. If you’re unsure about the measurements, ask your optician for assistance. Frames that are too big or too heavy can contribute to slipping. Tighten Hardware: Regularly check and tighten any loose screws using a small screwdriver or a glasses repair kit. Ensure the hardware on your glasses (hinges, screws) is securely...

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How to stop slipping eyeglass according to ChatGPT

After answering my 40th email this afternoon, I got bored and asked ChatGPT the following question: How do you stop your eyeglasses from slipping? There are several methods you can try to prevent your eyeglasses from slipping: Adjust the nose pads: If your glasses have nose pads, try adjusting them to fit more snugly on your nose. Sometimes a slight tweak can make a big difference in how securely your glasses sit. Tighten the temples: The temples (the arms of the glasses that rest on your ears) might be too loose. Most eyewear stores can adjust the temples for you...

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Pushing Up Glasses, A Major Anime Trope

Any anime lovers out there? I know I sure am. Been watching anime for decades now. Some of my all-time faves include Ghost in The Shell, Ore Monogatari, Girls und Panzer and more recently Apothecary Diaries, Frieren, Solo Leveling. And what's particularly relevant considering my line of work is how big a trope pushing up glasses is. Google "anime pushing up glasses" and you'll see it's actually a thing. Countless images of it and Reddit discussions about it.  Below I've posted some slipping glasses gifs for your viewing pleasure. Some have even gone to the trouble of making videos showcasing famous scenes...

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