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25 Dec '17

Working on Christmas Day

Posted by Helene Lam

OMG OMG OMG, the boss got us each a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart game for X-mas!!!! Thank you so much Tobes...though for anyone reading, it's not accurate to call Toby our boss. Keepons is a pretty weird company and I mean weird in a good way like when you crushed on the boy who sat next to you in Math, at a time when girls thought boys were yucky and weird. Anyhoosies, very small group of people we here are (I can't believe I've been so busy I haven't watched The Last Jedi yet?!), all partners in the business if you will in terms of $. Hence you find me working away on the night of Christmas Day writing this blog post, in the middle of totally revamping our site, in between launching a ton of new products, while dropping the prices drastically on all our core products...whew!

In the background my mom is calling me downstairs to say hi to the relatives who've just arrived (pretending not to hear her), and I've been looping this Youtube anime bgm piano relax track for the past 2 hours, while sipping on some might wine fine (relaxed like a boss). All in all, it's been a great 2017, and so much more fun in the year ahead. Anyhoosies, Happy Holidays to you and yours, Yours, Hells (officially Helene), your friendly Keepons Director of Customer Care